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Jun 23


Let me know if you have questions!!!

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Feb 19

Jan 28


And the process thing.

I think I’ll leave this now and do something else…

Jan 27


aaah… well. i’m not exactly good at explaining things. just look at my million examples instead. )——:

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Jan 17


tits tut part 2 this time about small boobs because a different person asked for one

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Nov 10

Does anyone know of a tutorial explaining how to make pintucked diamonds?



When I say pintucked diamonds, I mean to make pintucks that are done in the shape of diamonds. Like on this fabric…


I figure I’ll need a pintuck foot to create them, but all I seem to find are tutorials on how to make straight lines. Is making the diamond shape as simple as making straight lines or is there something more complex I should know about? (Since the pintucks are done on the bias of the fabric, will it stretch and mess up the look of the tucks?)

Help. :P

Hi! :) 

Basically, you want to do all the pintucks in one direction (on the bias), iron them flat, and then do the pintucks going the other direction (to make the diamonds.) 

This tutorial has great pictures on it. :)

Good luck! <3 

<3 Emi of L2S Cosplay

Nov 1


Here’s some awesome figure drawing and anatomy tips, tricks and tutorials by an awesome artist named Bryan Lee or Follow him on DeviantArt, His work is awesome. Anyhoo sorry in advance that the pics are not in any order and i have more to post, just right click and save the photos in your reference folder if you have one (Every artist should have one BTW). He was nice enough to give me permission for posting them on my Tumblr. Please do your jobs as aspiring artists to reblog this post and the next one to all of your artist friends in the Tumblrverse, ” Knowledge is meant to be shared.” is what Mr. Lee said to me, lets follow his quote

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Oct 22


I hope this sort of helps a little. I wasnt entirely shure how to do this, so I just sort of gave some tips?

(Sorry for any spelling mistakes I might have made)

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